News 2011-09

2011-09-05, Mon:
Koeberg II, South Africa's Nuclear Reactor, shuts down - automatically due to a problem, which still needs to be investigated.

2011-09-06, Tue:
The Gautrain has problems yet again, this time between Rosebank and the Airport.

2011-09-12, Tue:
Tshwane Metro deputy chief Ndumiso Jaca's wheels parked at police HQ. @barrybateman reports…

2011-09-13, Wed:
Lonehill: Taxi driver involved in hit and drag case is expected to face charges of attempted murder and reckless and negligent driving. GN
The driver of the taxi that dragged a 25 year woman for several hundred meters has opened a case of assault against her fiancee GN

2011-09-15, Thu:
Moloto Road: Family of 4 dead in smash. Apparently baby on moms lap (1 year old, decapitated), 3 year old on passenger seat and father in back at the time. BB