News 2011-08

2011-08-01, Mon:
Two more police officers shot, this time in Police Station in Rosebank, Johannesburg, bringing the number of dead police officers to 57 for the year. 1 shot dead and the the Station Commander seriously injured. Was flown to the Milpark Hospital for Emergency Operation.
The Clark was on the verge of getting retrenched and shot a Captain and the Station Commander before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide.

2011-08-02, Tue:
The Gautrain has made it's Maiden Voyage from Hatfield / Pretoria to Rosebank / Johannesburg.

2011-08-04, Thu:
TalkRadio 702 'Train Race' - 702 does the TEST: Car against Gautrain.

2011-08-04, Thu:
The 1st Birthday of Lead SA - Yusuf Abramjee is the grandfather of this idea.

2011-08-09, Tue:

  • The body of Duncan Allan, 20, a third year BCom student who went missing on 21 July 2011 has been found after 3 weeks, 30 km outside Pretoria. The body was heavily decomposed and suicide is suspected, as a hose was found attached to the exhaust and leading into the passenger window. The seat was reclined and he held a bible in his left hand. Nothing from the car was stolen. His cellphone and purse were also found. (Source: TalkRadio 702)

2011-08-10, Wed:
The Gautrain was stopped in it's tracks, between Hatfield and Centurion, only 8 days after its Maiden Voyage** (2011-08-02, Tue), due to CABLE THEFT. All commuters had to be transported by bus.

2011-08-14, Sun: Van Reenen's Pass closed, yet again due to snow, the last time was on 2011-07-26, Tue.

2011-08-15, Mon:

2011-08-16, Wed:
The Gautrain was stopped in it's tracks yet again, from Hatfield until Centurion, only 6 days after the first incidence of CABLE THEFT (2011-08-10, Wed). All commuters had to be transported by bus.

2011-08-23, Tue:
Johannesburg, Hospital patient climbs out the window on the 9th floor and jumps down (suicide), as she apparently did not get pain medication she requested, for her pain due to complications after a colon operation.

2011-08-24, Wed:
Bus Accident in the Cape causes 15 deaths, 14 dead children and the bus driver. The bus transported 52 children but was only licensed for 32 passengers.
- Last year to the date, there was that Taxi accident where the Taxi went through the train crossing killing 10 children, in Cape Town.