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Bladeless Turbine Harvests Wind Energy 2.3X More Efficiently Than Bladed Turbines

By: Nidhi | December 15th, 2013


The bladeless turbine started out as a garage project but could soon reinvent how we harness wind energy.
Image © Saphon Energy

We have more than enough wind energy to power the whole world. But conventional wind turbines don’t do that great of a job of harnessing it.

Saphon Energy introduced a radical innovation in wind technology that just brought a much-needed breath of fresh air to the industry. The Tunisian company created a bladeless wind turbine which draws inspiration from the design of a ship’s sails.

Instead of harvesting wind energy with rotating blades, this turbine uses a sort of round sail held in a frame like a flat satellite dish. As the wind pushes on it, the dish oscillates in a back and forth motion, which allows the conversion of the majority of the wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy through the use of pistons. These pistons are connected to a hydraulic system that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic pressure and then into electricity.

This turbine brings along a lot of innovations. It:

Is half the cost of a typical wind turbine
Is quieter than traditional models
Harnesses the power without hurting birds
Harvests about 80 percent of the available wind energy, which is 2.3 times more efficient than a traditional bladed turbine.
Reduces the amount of energy lost through poor aerodynamics and discards unnecessary structural elements such as the blades, hub and gear box.

This zero blade technology is no doubt a cool concept with impressive efficiency and low cost. Saphon Energy is said to be in talks with a number of potential manufacturing partners.

Solar vs. Nuclear vs. Coal power generation

The largest thin-film solar power plant in the world has opened in Germany, dubbed the "Rote Jahne". It was built by the contractor Juwi Solar, and it will have a total output capacity of 6 MW. It uses 90,000 solar modules to capture quite a bit of sunlight. Thin-film solar modules are cheaper than crystalline modules and produce more energy per unit of installed capacity. The thin-film cells were made by First Solar. The solar plant is built on a former military airfield, and its module surface area comprises approximately 16.5 acres. (For those who are challenged by Imperial measurements – that is 67 000m²).
The array will produce around 5.7 Million kWh (kilowatt-hours) (= 5700 GWh, or 5.7 TWh) of solar electricity every year, enough to power some 1,900 homes.

Impressed?? – What about this!!

This site at Rovigo, will producing enough clean-energy to power around 17,000 homes.
The 70 MW facility, located in the city between Bologna and Venice, covers 125 acres or +/- 500,000m² or an area of 1km X 0.5km and cost €35 Million or +/- R350 Million.

Keep in mind that all those Solar panels will have to be replaced in about 15 years’ time.

You will probably make much more money and be significantly more environmentally friendly growing food than generating power. Keep in mind that on these “solar farms” less than 15% of the sun’s energy is used to produce electrical power – 85% is reflected as HEAT (Makes you think about the “Green-house” effect).

Let's see… 70MW I'm not that impressed. A nuclear plant using up a similar amount of space (even accounting for mining and processing) could easily produce 1500 MW with the typical nuclear capacity factor of over 90% (US). (An equivalent solar power plant will require 3036 acres of land – that is 12.25 km² of land.

Madupi power station when that comes on line will produce 4800MW of power and will cost R33.6 Billion (€3.6 Billion) and will be in production for at least 40 years.
Solar equivalent would require – wait for it – 8570 acres of land; that is almost 35 km² of land!!!

Even under the worst conditions you can grow a lot of food on 35km² of land.

Let us recap:

Name Country Type Output Modules Area Construction Cost ~ Output per Year Homes
Rote Jahne Germany Solar 6 MW 90,000 67 000m² 5700 GWh 1.900 homes
Rovigo Italy Solar 70 MW 500,000m² €35 Million
±R350 Million
17.000 homes
<Comperative> - Nuclear 1500 MW 12.25 m²
Madupi South Africa Coal 4800 MW 35 km² R33.6 Billion
(€3.6 Billion)

I hope the figures I received here are correct, will try to cross-check them again.


By Mondli Magwaza Friday, October 25, 2013

The Propaganda is tricking you into believing that the streets are not yours, that it is by grace that you can enjoy cruising down the N1 (assuming it’s a Sunday night ). That you should be grateful of the little that they have done as it comes from the goodness of their heart. And I fear that you might be giving in.

No my brothers and sisters, these are our streets, we are the economy of the country, collectively we hold more power than the government.

A bit about me.

I do not own an e-tag, Ok my name is Mondli Magwaza, a law abiding citizen and a married father of a 4 years old boy. I have a no criminal record and I pay most of my traffic infringements. I have never even been to a court room, I only go to police stations to certify documents. But in the recent issue of e-tolls I feel that I am ready to be executed for what I believe, I’m ready drive into a road block and declare that I won’t buy an e-tag and get hanged on the spot.

Why I’m not getting tagged?

Simple, because the road belongs to me and I have already over paid for it. In the 2013’s budget speech R32.9 billion was allocated to SANRAL for road improvements which came from society taxes collected from me and you. A little more than R 2 comes off every litre of petrol I fill in my car; this produces over R 40 billion rand per annum in revenue and is specifically for infrastructure development also known as my roads. I also pay my vehicle licence fees annually from which the Gauteng transport department rises well over R 2 billion per annum.

Let’s roll back to a stone left unturned

In 2006 SANRAL undertook the so called Gauteng Freeway Upgrade Project estimated at R 6 billion, which 5 years later ended up costing me and you over R 20 billion. This equates to over R 1 million per kilometer, which by the way was actually a few centimeters resurfacing of existing roads. Competition Commission’s investigation proved that the society was over charged for all the work, but the investigation was called off just as it was close to pointing fingers on the individuals that benefited from these exaggerated costs

What’s e-Tolling

In 2009 Electronic Tolling Company was awarded R 10.1 billion tender to extract money from Gauteng motorists through e-Tolling, ETC by the way is 85% owned by a European company KAPSCH, which publicly announced that they will earn R670 million per annum from the e-toll system. Take a moment to imagine the amount of Schools, Clinics and of course Roads (hello) that could have been built with all this money, don’t forget to breath.
The fuel levy mechanism on the other side goes straight to developing our roads, if this was really about the roads, the Treasury would have added a mere 9c to the fuel levy from 2006, by now they would have accumulated more than R 17 billion, more than enough to keep our roads in an international standards that we are used to (The freeways are there, let’s give it to them), while maintaining SANRAL’s credit rating and keeping them focused on building roads and us, the tax payers, on working to build South Africa to what it could become.

This is not some national road in Malawi!

Our head of state with his reasoning poses a question “Why should the whole of South Africa pay for Gauteng roads” well Mr President, excuse me for thinking like an African but Gauteng roads are South African roads, The entire country benefits from us driving around them every day to work our butts off to be able to contribute 41% i.e. R 400 billion of South Africa’s social tax revenue, yet in return Gauteng only receives 10% from the national budget. It only makes sense Mr President that a country benefiting so much from Gauteng’s economic activities contributes in making sure that its citizens have the roads to continue doing their business.

I am an African

I then conclude that this is a harsh and painful “thank you” the ruling party is giving to its voters for affording it the majority that it enjoys in parliament.

I see my beloved South Africa as a golden goose, with a potential of laying unlimited golden eggs for the benefit of us and generations to come, but greedy and impertinent mechanisms are being applied to reach into its guts and pull the egg from it leading it to a slow painful death.

The Propaganda is tricking you into believing that the streets are not yours. I refuse to be naive.

WHOSE FREEWAY IS IT ANYWAY? by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA, 06 Nov 2013 08:25
Rhino Poaching Statistics by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker, 18 Oct 2013 00:53
  • Nissan Leaf (R 500 000 price tag goes on sale in South Africa today, 2013-10-18)

- This car must charged overnight !!

Nissan by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker, 18 Oct 2013 00:50
  • BMW Concept Car (electric)
  • . . .
BMW by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker, 18 Oct 2013 00:44
  • Audi A2 Electric Car (converted)
  • Audi A3 eTron
  • Audi A8 eTron
  • . . .
Audi by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker, 18 Oct 2013 00:43

PRETORIA City Council:
- - - !!! SERVICE !!! - - - (What is that? - Something to eat?)

Looks like STREET NAMES are much more important to some people than descent service delivery and even SYNCHRONIZED ROBOTS !!
Well in 1973 (when we came into the country), at least the ROBOTS were SYNCHRONIZED, now over 40 YEARS later, with the latest COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY at their disposal, they still cannot even manage that!
- Who is at fault?
- Whom can I talk to ?
They are all just HIDING AWAY doing "NOTHING" - perhaps even less - and expecting a descent salary at the end of the months for being Public Servants?
### Please WAKE UP and see for yourself, where this is leading …

Everyone speaks of FREEDOM … that's #BRAINWASHING and make belief ! It is NOT TRUE!!
- You are all #Tax #Slaves - nothing more!!

Be FREE and look what the Ubuntu Party is writing !
- - -
Even if you don't like them they have very valued facts, you should go and read, before jumping the gun, and getting entangled head-over-heals …..

And please don't tell me "blerry uitlanders!" again, I have heard that far too long, and can VOUCH, that I have done far more for this country and its people, than most average South Africans have !!
- - - So please - NO FIGHTING, I cannot stand that !

I know that the #REAL #TRUTH will cause pain,
however #LIES cause even #MORE #PAIN !!

Name Changes
Street names
Road Signs
Robots / Traffic Flow Control
City Bylaws

Pretoria - City Planning by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA, 02 Oct 2013 05:02
Energy Supply by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker, 23 Sep 2013 17:34
Energy Supply by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker, 23 Sep 2013 17:34
Energy Supply by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker, 23 Sep 2013 17:33
Energy Supply by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker, 23 Sep 2013 17:31
Renewable Energy .... by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker, 23 Sep 2013 17:29

If South Africa is really an truly so GREEDY to GET ENERGY, why can they not put on their THINKING CAPS and start using the GREY MATTER between the ears? !!

Why can we not come up with the ULTIMATE FREE ENERGY DEVICE - without harming anybody and to get ESKOM and RSA out of the squeeze???
- Because then Government is LOOSING THEIR STRANGE-HOLD on the people !! — their IRON FIST !!!

So why can WE THE PEOPLE not come up wit a solution and tell he government to shove it all ….. ?

The TECHNOLOGY is not always all positive, please be very careful, what you are doing - especially if you have no (detailed) idea what you actually ARE DOING !

Wireless Communication, is yet again making you the VICTIM !!!

1) ►►►HEALTH Threats◄◄◄ — (click link)
2) Control Freak wise
3) Information Junky wise
4) ►►►SECURITY Threats◄◄◄ — (click link)

??? — … and who pays for the DAMAGES ???!

Evidence that the SA Government AND The Republic of South Africa are both listed as Corporations on the US Securities Exchange.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Original Link:

There are still some people that cannot believe that our government has actually enslaved all of us.

Please see for yourself that both our Government, that is the servant of the people and should serve the people; AND our country The Republic of South Africa; are registered among Anglo America and Old Mutual, as Corporations on the US Securities Exchange. All of us work for the Corporation South Africa and the Government of South Africa - not the other way around.

This is a gross betrayal of the trust of the people. What this means is that all our labour, our minerals and resources can be sold to invisible investors that own all of it. We simply become their slaves through our government to keep paying off loans and deals that we have no knowledge of.

Click on the link below and explore the site for yourself.

Posted by Michael Tellinger at Saturday, August 18, 2012

Here is even more Evidence:

Please post International NEWS Items here …

International HEALTH NEWS by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA, 18 Aug 2013 16:14
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