Consumer Problems

Damaged Refuse Bins / Waste Bins / Trash Cans in Pretoria,

Refuse Bins (most beyond repair), damaged by the lifting mechanism of the contracted Refuse Operator's Trucks.

Saving on Services is good, but not when it costs more in the end.
In this case it will cost much more to replace all the broken bins again. and guess who will pay for these?? Obviously the Tax/Rate Payers once more.
According to the investigation in only 2 streets so far there where an astonishing number of DAMAGED BINS - estimated calculations have shown that these damages can be as high as 40% of all waste bins in Pretoria. — This is quite a considerable damage !!
See the pictures.

To see the actual cause of the problem, please inspect the following picture closely - and make up your own mind.

Brand NEW Refuse Bin with markings from the refuse truck's lifting mechanism !!! - Exactly on that spot the bins CRACK (right down the side, when they flex and deform under the weight of the load, causing immense stresses on the material) !!!
See: these pictures now
What is needed is a full sleeve or guide and not just a plate or buffer of 60x40cm !!!

An estimated 40% of all Refuse Bins in Pretoria seem to be DAMAGED, most beyond repair, due to substandard lifting mechanisms on the trucks.

Everybody has to club in again to PAY, even though these problems are/where caused by the subcontractor's trucks !!!
The City Council will just add these additional "costs" for REPLACING the DAMAGED Refuse Bins as overheads to the bills of the customers !!!

- - - THAT IS SO UNFAIR, to pass on these costs !!! - - -
Why not charge the subcontractors for the DAMAGES they have caused ???

Here are 60 pictures (taken in just a few blocks of road) of DAMAGED Refuse Bins, all damaged by the (badly constructed and inferior) lifting mechanisms on the collection trucks of the sub-contractors.

Trenches that had been dug up 2-3 months ago and left open, cause people to fall inside … - in Queenswood, Pretoria

What is the purpose of having trench dug and left open for 2-3 months?
Who is responsible for this action??? The City Council, Telkom SA or Neotel ??

It is illegal to even place rocks on the side-walk and now there are heaps of sand and a ±75m long trench.

This is the TRENCH, that was dug and left open in front of 1171, 1173, and 1175 Wesley Street in Queenswood, Pretoria. A person had already fallen into the trench trying to read the water meter, when the walls gave way, being injured in the process on 28 November 2011 at about 11:00.
See the pictures, from 15 December 2011

Map to the Location:

Regardless to who is responsible for this mess:

Hopefully this issue will get speedy attention, before something else happens.