'SA Consumer' - Welcome to the new website

This is the SA Consumer WIKI, at your service …

Here you can state your problems as well as your praises.

To direct prospects to this website, you might like to use the following short names:

za-consumer.shows.it http://za-consumer.shows.it
shows.it/za-consumer http://shows.it/za-consumer
kickass.at/sa-consumer http://kickass.at/sa-consumer

. . . depending what you might like to express.

There are plenty of consumer websites and forums out there, however we would like to make a SPECIAL one, where everybody can easily read, reference, add and update information, as well as share tips of all kinds.
The efficient and easy to use WIKI design became famous with Wikipedia and can become quite addictive as you get to grips with the basic editing.

To join, please register yourself an account and join this website.
It is an open website, so you could start straight away.

Please also visit and use our new
National Power Failure Log

You may post all your Power Failures HERE

Alternatively, you might like to Discuss this TOPIC in the Forum !!

However we would like you to be FAIR and TRUTHFUL !!
Please stick to the guidelines as given, or else face lock-out and even banning from the site.

As this site is still very new - established on 1 July 2011 - please give us a chance to set everything up and give us feedbacks to what you would like to see here.
This will allow us to see what is required or wished for and we can plan ahead looking at a way to implement and include this.

Now we would like to wish you all a happy and useful TIME here.

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You can CONTACT us by using the (built-in) Direct Message System - just click on Contact us on the Top Bar.

We also have a Facebook Group for ZA-Consumer as well as ZA-Roadhogs, now - which you might like to join!!!

Thank you for your support.
SA Consumer

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